Current works

Die Luft ist raus (feeling deflated/exhausted), mixed media

VERSTRICKUNG (entanglement) 80 x 80 cm, acrylic and printing ink on linen

FALTUNGEN (convolutions), 30 x 30 cm, Chinese ink, oil pastel and printing ink on hand-made paper

This work was pre-selected for the enmerging artist prize of StART at the Saatchi Gallery Londodn duruing FRIEZE 2022

FALTUNGEN (convolutions), 30 x 30 cm, Chinese ink, oil pastel and printing ink on hand-made paper

Selected and currently on display at the London Art Biennale

nothing is ever clear, 100x100cm, acrylic and printing ink on canvas, 2020

London lockdown series

Fading, 30x30 cm,  acrylic on black paper, 2021

London lockdown series

Yellow, 30x30 cm, graphite and acrylic on paper, 2021

London lockdown series

Grey, 30x30 cm, acrylic and printing ink on paper, 2021

Marigold; 50x50cm, acrylic and printing ink on canvas, 2020

I listened to my favorite podcast from NPR “All songs considered” from Jan 24th with an interview with the singer from the band Pinegrove, talking about their album “Marigold”

– please refer to


Quote:  A press release accompanying the album's announcement dubbed it an "urgent, multivalent meditation". "The Alarmist", a semi-acoustic song set in 6/8 time, was described by Hall as "the negotiation of space between two people — balancing comfort and closeness with a need for independence."[4] "Moment", likewise, represents "a way of thinking about gratitude in the context of chaos or tedium."[5] "Phase" was inspired by insomnia, and the anxieties and thoughts a person cycles through when unable to sleep.


Marigold is also a beautiful flower that reminds me of my youth. I liked the underlying variations of yellow ( I will send you a photo of what it looked like at the beginning…) I also needed something bright in the difficult times.


Innocence; 70 x 70 cm, acrylic and printing ink on canvas, 2020

The painting innocence is based on my memories of my youth in the no digital world of the 80th. In a lot of cultures white is the color of innocence. When I think back of that time I was so innocent and unknowing in a lot of ways. We only had one small encyclopaedia in our house that consisted of two books of about 500 pages each and we had the daily newspaper. In order to read more you could only go to the library that was connected to the church. But even there in the library was no computer yet to help you with the search for something specific.


Now everything we want to know is just a few clicks on the computer away. My world in the small town where I come from was so regular and in order. That is why I put the squares next to one another in almost perfect checkboard like order. But in this world you also learnt to think for yourself. Because one had no universal access one had to make up one´s own mind, come to your own conclusions instead of now comparing opinions of others and being permanently influence which almost makes us loose our mind and the ability to have our own opinion. We can also get lost because of the vastness of information that is no more in any order.



Therefore the painting received a black layer of printing ink for the contours and in general for the contrast of good and bad and finally I scratched a grid into it to give us the order back that we almost seem to lose.


Cover-up; 50 x 70 cm, plaster and acrylic on canvas, 2020

Constant Struggle, 100 x 100cm, acrylic on canvas, 2019

Trying to see clearly, 120x100 cm, acrylic on canvas, 2019

Hidden truth, 120x120cm, acrylic and printing ink on canvas, 2019